We are the Crazy Kids


I am making a killing on the Grindr today, which is nice because I feel fat rn.
3 guys have proposed hookups, and they hit my 3 major selling points- long haired, vegan hippie, young Latino businessman, and burly, muscly, beardy guy.

I said no to all of them, because I’m playing pokemon and cooking

buying things from lulu lemon was hard because everything is so thin and pretty and peppy, and there i am being incredibly average looking and hating everyone

I just bought new running clothes and I can’t wait to be super cute and active.


*purposely drop something in front of my crush*




This is the guy that played Neville in Harry Potter.

i like his new wand 

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Hey so IF we have a MUTUAL follow goin on, feel free to ask for my 

  • cellular number
  • snapchat
  • twitter
  • kik
  • skype
  • email
  • facetime
  • first born

you know, anything you want

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please do not be mean to dogs they are only trying to help

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Now I’m searching for shirtless pics of Liam Payne.


- me every time there is a cat regardless of the situation (via circumcising)

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I’m currently sitting in church daydreaming about sweatpants dick while they read St. John’s Passion.
Guess who’s going to hell!!